Online CPD event | A Property Insurer’s Perspective on Combustible Cladding


Recent fires involving external wall cladding systems on high-rise buildings in Australia and overseas have caused significant life and/or property losses. This has resulted in increased focus by regulators, building owners, fire safety engineers, insurers and other stakeholders on understanding, assessing and addressing the fire risks associated with cladding systems such as Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) assemblies.

Experience has shown many of the methods used to test the combustibility of cladding systems and materials are flawed and do not represent realistic fire scenarios in terms of either configuration or severity, or both.

FM Global conducted testing of seven different ACP assemblies using the 16 ft high parallel panel test method of the ANSI/FM 4880 fire test standard.

This presentation will compare the ANSI/FM 4880 test with several other commonly available tests used for ACP assembly evaluation and provides findings from the ACP testing conducted by FM Global.

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Mr Michael Stuckings
Operations Chief Engineer, FM Global

Michael is FM Global’s Australian Operations Chief Engineer. In this role he is responsible for the delivery of quality loss prevention engineering services to client locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Michael is also involved in a number of external organisations including the Insurance Council of Australia, Fire Protection Association of Australia and Standards Australia.

Prior to joining FM Global in 2001 as a loss prevention engineer, Michael spent 10 years working as an electrical engineer in both the coal mining and water/wastewater industries where he gained skills in design engineering, project management, maintenance and operations.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Newcastle and is a Chartered Professional Engineer. Michael also holds a Masters of Commerce (Finance) from the University of New South Wales.

Mr Michael Stuckings

Operations Chief Engineer, FM Global

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