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Clauses for Clients/Users: Use of the Register is conditional upon the User accepting and confirming the NFER Search Disclaimer.

Users of the Register are asked to note the following:

1. Each Fire Engineer, whose details appear on the Register, has been required to complete an application form and provide examples of previous work carried out by him/her in his/her particular field. A panel appointed by the Institution will have reviewed samples of the Fire Engineer’s work and, if these are satisfactory to the Institution (following interview if considered necessary), the Fire Engineer is admitted to the Register. Fire Engineers provide one or more references to the Institution. However, the Institution is unable to visit premises that Fire Engineers have provided advice on, or to verify the suitability and veracity of work carried out by Fire Engineers.

2. The User’s contract will be with the Fire Engineer and not with the Institution. The Institution simply seeks to set out a basis for assessing the ability to advise, but cannot evaluate or assess the suitability of any advice in relation to any particular premises, given that no agent or employee of the Institution will have been involved in any kind of site survey nor have any knowledge of any premises or operations in respect of which a Fire Engineer is asked to advise.

3. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the User to evaluate the suitability of any Fire Engineer for the selected task, whether assessing risk to people, buildings, business continuity or any combination of these. It is also the responsibility of Users to satisfy themselves as regards the Fire Engineer’s professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover.

4. Use of the Register [this Site] is conditional upon the User accepting and confirming the above.


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