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Why join IFE ?

The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) is a world-renowned, member-driven organisation dedicated to the advancement of fire safety measures across our diverse communities and increasingly complex built environment. Built on the shoulders of professionals in their field such as engineers, fire service personnel, fire-related industry and many others with a desire to ensure where we work, play and live are as safe as they can possibly be, the IFE has carved out a niche for those that truly want to reduce the cost of fire to our communities.

The IFE is an international organisation that can offer you the opportunity to collaborate, learn and grow professionally among those that share the same goal. This can range across participating in an IFE organised forum or seminar, studying for and gaining a worldwide recognised qualification, or sharing your own particular industry expertise.  Like any organisation, the IFE is only as good as the people that comprise it – if you are passionate about building a better fire safe future and have the drive to contribute in some way, then join us!

How do I apply?

To apply for member registration, please contact: IFE Australia

We will be in touch with you directly and assess your qualification and experience and recommend a membership level that suits you.

2020 IFE Australia Fees

Fellow: $440.00
Member: $305.00
Associate: $255.00
Graduate: $245.00
Technician: $220.00
Student: $150.00
Affiliate Individual: $235.00
Affiliate Organisation: $1,100.00